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Cardiovascular Specialist of Great Neck

Dr. Robert Rahmani specializes in cardiovascular disease. If you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems, or if you suspect that a cardiovascular difficulty may be causing your current symptoms, a consultation with Dr. Rahmani is a wise choice. In addition to being a skilled and board certified Internist, he is a highly experienced diplomate in Cardiovasular Disease, Echocardiography, and Nuclear Cardiology, adept at handling heart and vascular disturbances of all kinds. He has done complex research in the field and presented at numerous conferences designed to instruct other physicians in these disciplines.

Dr. Rahmani¬† focuses on patient care with dedication and compassion. His ability to listen to his patients carefully has proven invaluable in guiding him to administer the proper diagnostic tests and to establishment an appropriate treatment plan for each unique individual. His knowledge of several languages besides English — Farsi, Hebrew, and Spanish — enables him to communicate with patients of varying heritage and to make patients with various backgrounds experience comfort and trust.